Organizing Your Campsite

April 11, 2017


Taking a few minutes when you arrive at your campsite to set everything up will save you time and headaches for the rest of your camping trip. Hopefully these tips can give you some ideas how to organize your campsite.

1.  Outdoor Rug:  As suggested last month, we love having an outdoor rug when go camping in our RV.  After the camper is in place and level, the rug is the first item we set up.

2.  Folding Chairs:  Setting up the camping chairs around the fire pit gives you a place to rest while you are busy setting up camp but also establishes where your outdoor living room is.  The placement of the chairs sets the tone for the trip that we will relax and enjoy a bonfire or two while camping.

3.  Establish a Garage Area:  One of our biggest pet peeves of camping with our kids is having 5 kid's bikes laying on the ground covering our campsite.  From the beginning, we park the kid's bikes in a designated spot (usually behind the camper) and remind them that when they aren't being ridden, this is where we store the bikes and helmets.

4.  Folding Table and Cooler:  We set up a 6' folding table and cooler on either side of our RV door.  The table is a great place to set drinks, snacks, and games that don't need to be taken inside the camper. The outdoor cooler allows the kids to get drinks without having to come inside the camper and saves valuable refrigerator space inside.  An outdoor kitchen on some RV models would allow for a drink and snack center too.

5.  Outdoor Games:  We go ahead and set up the outdoor games for the kids.  Somethings just seeing the games and having them ready to go will inspire some creative play with siblings.  Having the games out and ready saves from having to answer the question, "what can we do?"  We have Cornhole, Ladderball, Jarts, Bocce Ball, and various sports equipment like a football and soccer ball.

Establishing your campsite and making it feel like a home away from home will make your camping trip more enjoyable for everyone.

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