Luxury Supplies for Your Campsite

March 14, 2017

Camping requires some basic supplies like a tent (or RV), sleeping bags, lanterns, and cooking supplies. But there are also some extra supplies for your campsite that will make your camping experience much more enjoyable for all involved.  Here are some suggestions we have to add to your outdoor space.

1.  Outdoor Rug:  Whether you are in a tent or an RV, a large outdoor rug can help define your outdoor living room.  We suggest buying as big of a rug as your can afford, handle, and store.  The rug helps to mark the outdoor living room of your campsite and protects you from muddy or wet ground.  These rugs can be purchased at an RV Supply Store or online retailer.

2.  Outdoor Chairs:  Let's face it, sitting on the bench of a wooden picnic table is only comfortable for a few minutes.  Folding lawn chairs allow you the flexibility to relocate them around your campsite depending on what activity you are watching.

3.  Portable Table:  We have a 6' folding table that folds in half to store.  We use it to place snacks and drinks on while playing outside.  It can also be used as a buffet table when we make s'mores.  We also don't like to wear our shoes inside our camper so the under the table is a great out of the way spot to store our shoes.

4.  Vinyl Tablecloth:  A tablecloth for the picnic table at the campsite is great addition along with clamps to hold it in place.

5.  Firewood:  Most campsites/State Laws don't let you move firewood from county to county so be prepared to purchase firewood locally.  Don't forget matches or lighter, dry paper, and fire starters.

6.  Cover or Awning:  Most RVs have an attached awning outside the camper door.  If you are tent camping, an enclosed screen room or roof structure is a nice addition as well.

7.  Outdoor Games:  Stored in the back of our camper is a Cornhole set, Ladderball, Jarts, and Bocce Ball.

These items should help make your camping trip a little more comfortable for your family.



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