Packing for Your Furry Friends

January 10, 2017

Whether you are camping for the weekend or have an extended trip planned, you need to make sure you pack supplies for your furry friends.  Here is a list of must haves for your dogs.

  1. Leash and Name Tag:  You might be used to just letting your dog out into your fenced in yard for exercise and bathroom breaks, but while camping you will need a leash or dog stake.  Also, check and make sure your dog’s name tag is current and complete.  Make sure the phone number listed has an area code and is your cell phone number and not your landline.  

  2. Dog Bed:  Your camper or tent is a strange place to your dogs.  Their dog bed is a familiar place to rest for a quick nap or for the night.  Even if they are used to sleeping in bed with you at night, there might not be enough room in the camper or tent so being their dog bed gives them their own spot.

  3. Food, Water, and Bowls:  We have gotten asked a couple of times at the camp store if we sell dog food so we know people forget to pack the dog food or haven’t packed enough for the length of the trip.  We also bring water in gallon jugs from our kitchen sink for the dogs water bowls.  Campground well water does taste different and we want to make sure our dogs stay hydrated while camping.

  4. Bags for Poop: Many, many bags so you can immediately throw away the bags while you are out exploring.  You will also want to keep your campsite clean so your kids don’t track it into the camper or tent.

  5. Toys: We suggest some old toys mixed in with a new toy or two.  Something familiar and something new to distract them from chewing on our camper sofa.

  6. Old Towel:  Great for wiping down a wet dog with dirty feet.

  7. Paper Towels:  There is likely to be an accident inside the camper or tent while your dogs are getting used to the new routine.

Hopefully with these ideas, you can have an enjoyable time camping with your furry friends.

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