If I wanted to sit in an office all day...

April 5, 2015


…I would have gotten an office job.  It seems like I have spent too many hours sitting at my desk, working on my computer, and talking on my phone.  All this so we can run a campground and be outside all day!  Between creating a website, trying to get the phone numbers switched into our names, getting the trash service started, paying the $1950 electric DEPOSIT, I have been sitting at my desk way too long.


A big part of why we wanted to own and run a campground was to be outside.  To get our kids outside more.  To enjoy the beauty He created, not the man-made creations of a computer and cell phone.  We enjoy getting our hands dirty with gardening and mowing.  We can’t wait to be cleaning out the pool daily.  I want to see the stars every single night out here away from the city lights.


But for now, I’m typing away reserving campsites on my Numbers spreadsheet, and tweaking words on the webpage.  All while looking out the window of my office, watching the grass turn green, wishing I was out there instead of in here.


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